Litemove is a design & manufacturing company of LED lights for the global bicycle industry. Founded in 2019, the company is based in Taiwan; with sales, marketing, and service located in both Germany and Taiwan. We are a young energetic company complimented by a team with several decades of international experience in optics, electronics and mechanical engineering harnessed from the automotive industry. These key attributes are brought together in our bicycle product design team for the creation of world class products.

We have a simple but clear vision – Innovation / Quality / Service .

We believe this is the best long-term way to grow together with our customers.

We are always searching to improve our solutions and push the limits of what our products are capable of, whilst remaining a sustainable.

Our R&D facilities are equipped with the latest simulation software, photometer, and testing labs, enabling us to utilize the latest technology to optimize design for innovative and cost efficient solutions.
We recognize that quality is crucial for our products- Right from the start of the design stage, we work closely with our quality control department, analyzing each process closely to ensure that quality is built into every stage of the manufacturing process. A Quality Inspection Department ensures strict compliance with all applicable industry standards.
Our customers always expect a quick response- So we have service centers in both Europe & Asia, that allow us to provide quick and professional services to our partners.

Main Products & Service

  • E-bike lights: E/e Mark | K-Mark
  • AUX lights for motorcycles: ECE / E9
  • Reflectors
  • Homologation support

Factory Certifications

ISO9001 | QS9000 | ISO14001 | IATF-16949 |

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