We care about your safety

Whether it’s the environment or the speed of our ride, it all affects our vision. Having a basic understanding may let riders choose the most fitting headlight for their trails.

The following are safety recommendations we compiled based on numerous traffic safety reports, optical and pupil research data, and insights from professional cyclists. It can also be used as a reference when choosing lights.

Speed Will Affect Our Vision

Our pupil distance (visibility) shifts according to how fast or slow we ride on the trail. As vehicle speed increases, the rider’s reaction time and stopping distance also increase. At higher speeds, riders need to focus farther ahead to ensure they have enough time and space to react, maintaining safety.

Choose headlights with a proper visibility range for better handling in various riding scenario. <Find a suitable light>

Lights On All-Time Decrease Accidents

In 2004, a Dutch study showed that having both headlights & tail lights on e-bikes boost cyclists’ visibility and safety from incoming passengers at all time. Furthermore, according to a 2013 study in Accident Analysis & Prevention, it was found that cyclists who turn on the lights during day and night can reduce accidents by 19%.

Light is best safeguard for cyclists. It protects our lives. Make sure to equip the  headlight & tail light before riding.

Importance of Having Proper Lights On

Lights designed with cut-off line and proper brightness, prevents blinding or collisions with other users. The headlight design with cut-off line is based on the concept of being friendly to other users. Its illumination height is not higher than the human eye, which greatly reduces the impact of the light on oncoming cars or users.

Pick up a light is not just about breightness but also beam pattern!

Suggested Lights to Use in Certain Scenario

Standard beam (low-beam) with wide beam angles are appropriate for unsurfaced narrow roads.

Pick up a light for rural area

Dual light options (high & low-beam) with wide beam angle is recommended using on mountain trails for precise visibility and safety.

Pick up a light for mountain biking

Dual light options (high & low-beam) with far distance beam is vital on highways and  suburban roads

Pick up a light for suburban area

Standard beam (low-beam) is ideal for riding in the city, while preventing incoming users with excessive glare.

Pick up a light for city