Custom-made solutions

We delight in working with our clients to create custom-made solutions together, and take pride in being flexible, innovative and effective in our work. Thanks to our engineering capabilities, we can design unique, customized lights according to your needs.

Support for every single step of a type-approval

Significant legal issues have to be addressed in order to receive official approval and homologation for on road and off road traffic, in different countries around the world. These legal issues are just one of the many challenges facing companies attempting to achieve homologation.
Our homologation team supports designing the right product for the right market in all phases of the product cycle – from concept, to development, to volume production.

Manufacturing & Testing facilities

The IATF16949/ ISO-9001/QS9000/ ISO14001 certified production factory with in-house molding workshop, automatic injection facilities, and SMT (Surface-mount technology) providing our client high quality products.

Environmental testing machines, water spray chamber, temperature & humidity chamber, salt spray chamber, Air leak tester, Heat chamber, Vibration tester, stress viewer…