Empowering Change Through Innovation

Our sustainability vision is ” empowering change through innovation”. We envisions a world where innovation and sustainability are seamlessly integrated. Our mission is to influence the industry by integrating eco-friendly solutions into our operations, products, and services. To realize this mission, we have cultivated sustainable thinking to our corporate culture, design guidance, implement decisions and action plans.

To achieve our vision, we have developed 4 principles:

1. Eco-Friendly Products

This commitment is reflected in various aspects of our product development. We have innovated several products, all of which enhance not only function efficiency but also environmentally friendly.

  • FE Cable: Most electric bike lighting systems lack consideration for maintenance, leading to complex and inaccessible wiring that troubles mechanics and creates unnecessary redundancy. Our FE cable solution for electric bicycles, streamlining assembly, reducing costs, and simplifying maintenance.
  • High Beam Switches: Our high beam switches have water resistant connectors. Changing to these adds to switch longevity, and they are easier to maintain. Both factors ultimately prolong the switch’s life since they are more easily repaired than discarded. Using products with a long life cycle also means no waste. Supporting our products means supporting environmental protection.

2. Green Materials and Plastic-free Packaging

We are dedicated to developing and offering products that minimize environmental impact.

  • Green Materials: We used TPU instead of PVC to produce our power cables and switches control cables. TPU not only lacks PVC’s toxicity, but it is also highly flexible and abrasion resistant. Best of all it is 100% recyclable.
  • Plastic-free Packaging: For the product package, we focus on reducing unnecessary packaging to minimize the waste. For the necessary package, we use environmentally friendly packaging material.

3. Responsible Supply Chain

We believe in responsible sourcing and procurement practices. Our supply chain is designed to minimize waste, reduce carbon footprint, and support fair labor practices.

  • ISO-14001: We have obtained ISO-14001 certification, which is the standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS). This certification signifies our ability to manage the environment effectively, reducing waste and energy consumption. It also demonstrates our company’s commitment to minimizing our environmental footprint and striving to meet stakeholders’ expectations for sustainable development.

4. Energy Efficiency

Litemove is committed to reducing energy consumption and embracing renewable energy sources. We continuously invest in technologies that enhance energy efficiency in our operations, striving for a more sustainable future.

To learn more about our sustainability initiatives, please contact us at [info@lite-move.com]